Aged Care

Ageing is a universal process, however, there can be large differences in terms of health, functioning and quality of life for individuals of the same age.

These differences may be due to the presence of chronic conditions, disability, or frailty, which can all contribute to reduced function and wellbeing. Health conditions can be managed and frailty and disability can be reversed or slowed through a range of interventions.1 Some of the important features of healthy ageing include keeping up physical activity, mental activity, a good diet, and social engagement.

At Inspire Therapy our clinical staff aim to maximise the function, participation in valued roles and quality of life of older adults through either modifying tasks or environments to overcome disability or through delivering interventions aimed at reversing or slowing frailty. We place an emphasis on working with older people to achieve their goals.

We work collaboratively with Aged Care Service providers to ensure that therapy services are coordinated with support services.

1Visvanathan, R., Yu, S., Cesari, M., & Beilby, J. (2015). Sarcopenia and frailty. Australian Doctor(6 March 2015), 29-38.

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