Return to Work

It is in everyone’s interest for workers to return to work safely and as soon possible following an injury.

There is strong evidence that suggests that an early return to work promotes not only a better recovery for the worker, but also leads to reduced time away from work and lower insurance premiums which benefit the employer.1 So, it is important to think about the workplace as playing the same role as a clinic in helping with recovery. The workplace has even been described as the most effective place for the majority of workers to recover from their injury.

The key features of a successful return to work include:

  • Getting early treatment for injuries
  • Having a clear return to work plan that sets out expectations of what work tasks can be performed, what modifications to work might be required, and a timeframe for return to full duties
  • Having good communication between the worker, the employer, and health care professionals helps to make expectations clear and makes the return to work process run smoothly

Inspire Therapy can be your partner in the return to work process and our aim is to support an enduring recovery from injury and a timely return to work.

1Franche RL, Cullen K, Clarke J, Irvin E, Sinclair S, Frank J. Workplace-based return-to-work interventions: a systematic review of the quantitative literature. J Occup Rehabil. 2005;15(4):607-31

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